How to top up your Robocash account? Without fees

Robocash is one of the more stable options for investing in the peer-to-peer lending market. Not sure if Robocash is for you? I summarized my investment experience in platform review: Robocash Review

Tutorial updated on: 2024-01-14

What do you need?

  • Revolut* app → provides cheap currency conversions plus quick transfers in Euro (SEPA)
  • Robocash* account

What are the fees?

  • The transfer is free
  • Currency conversion is free up to €1,000 per month (more info below


Step 1. Top up Revolut

The most convenient way to do this is to use a debit card connected to the Revolut app. At this stage, you choose the amount you want to invest in Robocash.

Step 2. (Optional) Convert local currency to EUR in Revolut

Skip this step if you topped up Revolut with euros.

Using Revolut, you can quickly exchange currencies. Under the free plan, you can exchange about €1000 without commission (in a month!). Even if you exceed the limit, the additional fee is 1%. That is, incomparably lower than available in banks (~3%) or currency exchange offices. Personally, I don’t even pay attention to this limit.


Do not make the exchange on weekend, Revolut applies an additional 1% commission
(Revolut protects itself against currency fluctuations when stock exchanges are closed).

Step 3. Transfer EUR from Revolut to Robocash

Ok, so you have Euro in Revolut app, where to transfer it? Transfer details can be found at this address: You can find it after log in → Add funds.

In the Revolut app, send a transfer by selecting the transfer to the Recipient’s bank and choose Business type transfer. 
Complete the transfer details appropriately:

[Account details] Country of recipient’s accountCountry from field “Beneficiary bank address” in Robocash
In my case: “Holandia
[Account details] CurrencyEuro
[Account details] IBAN“IBAN account number” field from Robocash
[Account details] Company name“Beneficiary” field from Robocash
[Account details] E-mailYou don’t have to fill it out
[Transfer details] AmountEnter the amount to transfer
[Transfer details] Reference“Payment purpose” field from Robocash

The rest of the fields from Robocash can be ignored.

Step 4. The money is available on Robocash

What’s next? The transfer is now verified. The money will be available on the Robocash* platform within two business days. From my experience, the money is received the next business day.

(*) I play open cards. Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. If you use them, I will receive a commission. It won’t cost you anything, and often you will get a bonus too – More information can be found on the pages under the specific links.

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