Portfolio update – August 2023

How to achieve financial freedom? Through systematic investing. It’s easy to say, but more difficult to maintain consistency. This journal entry is for my future self, to record the entire – long journey, successes, and mistakes I’ve made, rather than just the final result. I hope it will motivate you to build your financial independence.


The last month of vacation, was quite lazily. There were no major turbulences, with returns staying around the average level of €300.

To shake up this boring month a bit, I increased my Robocash position by an additional €3000. For details regarding this decision, please see below.

Portfolio history (last 12 months)
Portfolio summary
Bitfinex Lending€10 221€118
Mintos (EUR)€12 854€148
Mintos (RUB)€2 655€2
Robocash€10 820€80
ETF€2 682-€50**
Total€39 232€298

Bitfinex Lending*

The first full month of the new strategy. The situation on the loan market was very stable (as seen in the chart below). The lack of major fluctuations makes it easy to determine the standard monthly return. It should stabilize at 13-14%.
Which is still a better result than loans from P2P platforms, not to mention the rates of deposits in EU.

Below is a chart of completed offers from the last month:

  • Value: $11 034,53
  • Profit (last month): $127,68
  • ROI (last month): 13,62%
  • ROI: 1,93%
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Euro €)*

Another stable month at Mintos, no major changes in profits. The residual deposit is the result of automatic conversion of completed ruble positions.

Late loan repayments began to increase again. I hope this is just a temporary trend.

  • Value: €12 846,86 (deposit: +€72,31)
  • Profit (last month): €141,03
  • ROI (last month): 13,00%
  • ROI: 14,65%
  • Amount late in repayment: €3 687,86 (change: +€1 833,74)
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Rubel rosyjski ₽)*

The position is in the middle of a payout. The wallet is almost entirely made up of loans from Kviku. Unfortunately, this money is still frozen since the war in Ukraine. Currently, it is in the process of legal proceedings conducted by Mintos.

If you are interested, please visit the Mintos blog where you can follow the ruble thread.

  • Value: 275 809,23 ₽ (withdrawal: -7 495,27 ₽)
  • Profit (last month): 213,08 ₽
  • ROI (last month): 0,89%
  • ROI: 13,52%
  • Amount late in repayment: 275 183,65 ₽ (change: -4 650,72 ₽)
  • Investment from: 2020.12


Ostatnie zmiany w systemie bonusowym mogły w pierwszej kolejności odstraszyć inwestorów. W mojej ocenie świadczą o stabilnej pozycji, jaką wypracował sobie Robocash. Są sygnałem, że Robocash nie ma już potrzeby budowania bazy kapitałowej.

Recent changes to the bonus system may scare off investors in the first place. But in my opinion, they prove the stable position that Robocash has achieved in the market. IMO it is a signal that Robocash no longer needs to build a capital base.

For this reason, this month I increased my portfolio position by almost 50% by depositing EUR 3,000.

As a reminder, I am posting a new table of bonus interest rates depending on the capital:

If I wanted to reach the first bonus threshold, I would have to double my wallet. I do not plan such moves in the next year.

  • Value: €10 819,90 (deposit: +€3 000,00)
  • Profit (last month): €79,52
  • ROI (last month): 11,97%
  • ROI: 12,20%
  • Amount late in repayment: €0,00 (change: -€9,04)
  • Investment from: 2021.08


Investing in ETFs is still in the fun/testing phase. For now, he does not plan any major changes in this position.

  • Value: $2 895,36
  • Change (last month): -$53,56**
  • Change (from begining): +$342,62**
  • Investment from: 2022.08

(*) I play open cards. Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. If you use them, I will receive a commission. It won’t cost you anything, and often you will get a bonus too – More information can be found on the pages under the specific links.

(**) Due to the nature of the stock market, income should be understood as potential until the position is realized.

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