Portfolio update – April 2023

How to achieve financial freedom? Through systematic investing. It’s easy to say, but more difficult to maintain consistency. This journal entry is for my future self, to record the entire – long journey, successes, and mistakes I’ve made, rather than just the final result. I hope it will motivate you to build your financial independence.


The first rays of sunlight wake up the grilling spirit in some, or the season for cycling in others. It’s time to return to the routine of investing and building financial freedom.

This month, for the first time in a while, I made a deposit. I chose Mintos due to its increasingly better delayed repayment results. In addition, there is better market diversification compared to Robocash (single financial group), and IMO it’s the last chance to catch good loans before the market becomes saturated with cheap money.

I invite you to a detailed analysis. First, here’s a breakdown of the portfolio.

Portfolio summary
Bitfinex Lending€9 872€0
Mintos (EUR)€11 900€112
Mintos (RUB)€3 455€71
Robocash€7 502€71
ETF€2 458-€6
Total€35 187€248

Bitfinex Lending*

It continues its strategy of catching demand spikes above 4-5%. We are approaching the middle of the year, unfortunately there are still no prospects for breaking the 0.1% price. After half a year of observation, it seems to me that the mechanisms of the stock exchange make it impossible to get higher offers than the limit 0.1%.

One more month to observe, and I’m going to change my strategy.

Below is a chart of completed offers from the last month:

  • Value: $10 827,72
  • Profit (last month): $0,00
  • ROI (last month): 0,00%
  • ROI: 7,58%
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Euro €)*

I directed my deposits this month to Mintos. On the one hand, I deposited €1,500 to catch the last moment for good loan offers (14-15%). On the other hand, another part of rubles was converted into euros, expanding the portfolio even further.

A positive surprise is another reduction in delayed payments. Currently, they are below EUR 2,000. There was no such situation for almost a year.

  • Value: €11 900,30 (deposit: +€2 158,28)
  • Profit (last month): €111,71
  • ROI (last month): 13,95%
  • ROI: 14,17%
  • Amount late in repayment: €1 812,15 (change: -€386,60)
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Rubel rosyjski ₽)*

Position in the withdrawal process. Currently divided into the last two companies. A smaller part, belonging to IDF EURASIA (approx. 10% of the ruble portfolio), is progressively exchanged to euro. This month by another 60k RUB.

And the second part, in the possession of Kviku, unfortunately here there is stagnation from the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Currently stuck at the stage of court proceedings.

If you are interested, please visit the Mintos blog where you can follow the ruble thread.

  • Value: 306 392,32 ₽ (withdrawal: -58 791,07 ₽)
  • Profit (last month): 6 329,01 ₽
  • ROI (last month): 21,09%
  • ROI: 14,69%
  • Amount late in repayment: 283 890,67 ₽ (change: -45 960,65 ₽)
  • Investment from: 2020.12


Another stable month in the Robocash section.

Unfortunately, due to recent interest rate cuts in Robocash, I have to lower the expected returns for new loans in my investment strategy.

  • Value: €7 501,77
  • Profit (last month): €70,86
  • ROI (last month): 11,49%
  • ROI: 12,11%
  • Amount late in repayment: €0
  • Investment from: 2021.08


Portfolio item undergoing liquidation.

YieldNodes without major changes, investment in suspension.

  • Value: €5 509,61
  • Profit (last month): €0,00
  • ROI (last month): 0,00%
  • ROI: 41,79%
  • Investment from: 2022.01


No major changes.

  • Value: $2 695,68
  • Change (last month): -$6,76**
  • Change (from begining): +$142,94**
  • Investment from: 2022.08

(*) I play open cards. Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. If you use them, I will receive a commission. It won’t cost you anything, and often you will get a bonus too – More information can be found on the pages under the specific links.

(**) Due to the nature of the stock market, income should be understood as potential until the position is realized.

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