Portfolio update – March 2023

How to achieve financial freedom? Through systematic investing. It’s easy to say, but more difficult to maintain consistency. This journal entry is for my future self, to record the entire – long journey, successes, and mistakes I’ve made, rather than just the final result. I hope it will motivate you to build your financial independence.


Mintos in euro is going crazy, ruble is slowing down, Robocash as always provides stable returns, and finally the ETF fluctuates up and down.

This month, I hold on deposits. I am experimenting with savings accounts, where offers provide up to 8% return. Thanks to immediate access to money, they offer a significant advantage over p2p platforms.

I invite you to a detailed analysis. Let’s start with a portfolio summary.

Portfolio summary
Bitfinex Lending€9 960€0
Mintos (EUR)€9 630€182
Mintos (RUB)€4 244€12
Robocash€7 431€69
ETF€2 486€77
Total€33 751€340

Bitfinex Lending*

It continues its strategy of catching demand spikes above 4-5%. This month’s offers did not even exceed 0.1%. I plan to maintain the strategy at least until mid-year.

Below is a chart of completed offers from the last month:

  • Value: $10 827,72
  • Profit (last month): $0,00
  • ROI (last month): 0,00%
  • ROI: 8,05%
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Euro €)*

Despite the record result in February, March was even better. The best Mintos (EUR) result since the beginning of the investment. The main reason for such success is a significant reduction in the level of overdue loans by almost EUR 2,000.

This month, a new version of the overdue loan summary was introduced, so you can analyze any company that is late repaying its liabilities. Screenshot below

It is clear that the platform does not ignore the issue of overdue loans.

  • Value: €9 630,31
  • Profit (last month): €182,03
  • ROI (last month): 22,26%
  • ROI: 14,03%
  • Amount late in repayment: €2 198,75 (change: -€1 786,38)
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Rubel rosyjski ₽)*

Portfolio position during the withdrawal process. There are the last two companies left with loans in rubles. IDF EURASIA has been paying back and Kviku receivables for several months. Unfortunately, they are not optimistic.

Summarizing the actions taken, Mintos starts a lawsuit against Kviku.

If you are interested, please visit the Mintos blog where you can follow the ruble thread.

  • Value: 358 854,38 ₽
  • Profit (last month): 1 039,49 ₽
  • ROI (last month): 3,41%
  • ROI: 14,50%
  • Amount late in repayment: 329 851,32 ₽ (change: +34 225,27 ₽)
  • Investment from: 2020.12


In one sentence, another month of stable returns.

Unfortunately, due to recent interest rate cuts at Robocash, I have to lower the expected returns for new loans in my investment strategy.

  • Value: €7 430,91
  • Profit (last month): €68,61
  • ROI (last month): 10,87%
  • ROI: 12,17%
  • Amount late in repayment: €0
  • Investment from: 2021.08


Portfolio item undergoing liquidation.

YieldNodes without major changes, investment in suspension. I’m posting some news that appeared in the last month:

  1. Yieldnodes is finalizing the launch of its own NFT-based certificates

I freeze the position in the portfolio until mid-2023, if nothing happens → I write it off as a loss.

  • Value: €5 509,61
  • Profit (last month): €262,36
  • ROI (last month): 58,87%
  • ROI: 45,76%
  • Investment from: 2022.01


I would summarize the last six months into one word: sinusoidal. It jump between growth and decline, which shouldn’t surprise me – after all, it’s the stock market. But what is important, if we look at the position in relation to the initial amount, we get a good profit.

  • Value: $2 702,44
  • Change (last month): +$83,72**
  • Change (from begining): +$149,70**
  • Investment from: 2022.08

(*) I play open cards. Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. If you use them, I will receive a commission. It won’t cost you anything, and often you will get a bonus too – More information can be found on the pages under the specific links.

(**) Due to the nature of the stock market, income should be understood as potential until the position is realized.

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