Portfolio update – January 2024

How to achieve financial freedom? Through systematic investing. It’s easy to say, but more difficult to maintain consistency. This journal entry is for my future self, to record the entire – long journey, successes, and mistakes I’ve made, rather than just the final result. I hope it will motivate you to build your financial independence.


Stable month, profit around €350. Important news in Mintos’s ruble position, there is possibility to repay Kviku’s frozen debt.

In the back of my mind I’m still thinking about expanding my portfolio by one more position, I’m considering Lande or PeerBerry. Currently, in the P2P lending market, I notice a significant decline in loans availability and the interest rates offered. I try to pay attention to these factors in a potential platform.

But for now, please check out the update:

Portfolio history (last 12 months)
Portfolio summary
Bitfinex Lending€10 633€67
Mintos (EUR)€13 541€126
Mintos (RUB)€2 772€0
Robocash€11 243€91
Esketit€2 024€23
ETF€2 849€44**
Total€43 061€351

Bitfinex Lending*

The loan issuance mechanism still does not record good results. Loans are repaid faster, which makes waiting for higher interest rates a bit pointless. While waiting for the next month, I reconfigured the offer duration in my mechanism.

Chart of all loans from the last month:

  • Value: $11 562,79
  • Profit (last month): $72,42
  • ROI (last month): 7,52%
  • ROI: 6,38%
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Euro €)*

Another decline in overdue loans increase results (despite falling interest rates on loans in the portfolio).

If you want to start your adventure with Mintos platform, please check out my review: Mintos Review (2024): 14.89% return after 3+ years

  • Value: €13 541,43
  • Profit (last month): €126,20
  • ROI (last month): 11,18%
  • ROI: 15,22%
  • Amount late in repayment: €1 463,95 (change: -€757,50)
  • Investment from: 2020.12

Mintos (Rubel rosyjski ₽)*

Position in withdrawal progress. Currently, there is the last company left to repay – Kviku.

There is a big news: Mintos announced next steps in the confrontation with Kviku. They plan to sell his debt to an external company operating in Russia. An interesting move, but in such a case a full return of the asset cannot be expected. The refund amount has not been announced yet. However, I am glad that something is moving.

  • Value: 272 675,21 ₽
  • Profit (last month): 0,00 ₽
  • ROI (last month): 0,00%
  • ROI: 4,38%
  • Amount late in repayment: 272 675,21 ₽
  • Investment from: 2020.12


I had to make further adjustments to the strategy. I have lowered the expected interest rate to 10%. I still don’t want to increase the loan duration more than a year. Below are the current interest rates:

If you don’t know how to start your adventure with Robocash. Feel free to check review and detailed description of my strategy: Robocash Review (2024): 12.65% return after 2 years

  • Value: €11 242,62
  • Profit (last month): €91,14
  • ROI (last month): 9,73%
  • ROI: 10,76%
  • Amount late in repayment: €110,62 (change: -€245,09)
  • Investment from: 2021.08


The new position starts to move. After the first month, the return is 13.65% (including the bonus). I need to observe delay and availability of the loans.

  • Value: €2 024,02
  • Profit (last month): €23,02
  • ROI (last month): 13,65%
  • ROI: 13,65%
  • Amount late in repayment: €635,14 (change: +€635,14)
  • Investment from: 2023.12


I wonder when this position will reach its upper limit. Looking back over the year, there is almost uninterrupted growth:

  • Value: $3 097,64
  • Change (last month): +$47,84**
  • Change (from begining): +$544,90**
  • Investment from: 2022.08

(*) I play open cards. Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. If you use them, I will receive a commission. It won’t cost you anything, and often you will get a bonus too – More information can be found on the pages under the specific links.

(**) Due to the nature of the stock market, income should be understood as potential until the position is realized.

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